Hiking Boots Repair

We know how much you love your hiking boots! So when they are in need of attention (you know… a new sole, heel liners, lace loops, eyelets, rands, stretching, stitching, conditioning, and waterproofing… you get the point) bring them in for service at Kumpfy Shoes. We offer full cobbler services and can repair almost anything!

Currently turn around time for hiking boot repairs is 2-3 weeks. Bring your boots in before the spring rush!

Standard Sole – $135 per pair
Premium Sole – $155 per pair
Rands – $20 to $40 per boot
Heel Liners – $20-$60 per boot

* plus 5% GST

kumpfy shoes hiking shoes boots repair shop

Pick-Up / Drop-Off Service

Kumpfy Shoes offers a weekly, courtesy pick-up/drop-off service for hiking boots (as well as climbing shoes, jackets, and any other items that need fixing) if you can’t make it to our shop in Canmore. Items can be dropped off at the Norseman Outdoor Specialist in Calgary.

Once your items arrive at Kumpfy Shoes, you will be contacted to confirm repair details and answer any questions you may have. When the repair is complete, you will be contacted to confirm drop-off details. Your credit card will be charged at that time. A final text will be sent when your repairs arrive back at the Norseman.

Pick-up/drop-off is done weekly, but if your repair is time-sensitive please drop your items off at Kumpfy Shoes & Repair in Canmore or call us directly at 403-609-2292 to discuss.

Hiking Boot Tips

#1 – Take care of your hiking boots. Don’t leave them in a hot car or rest them on the edge of a fire pit. The intense heat might delaminate the sole or even melt the rubber! Let them dry naturally whenever possible.

#2 – Clean & condition your leather boots. Treat the leather on your boots like you would the skin on your hands. Clean off the dirt, apply conditioner and cover with a protective layer (like a waterproofing spray).

#3 – Baby your toe/heel bales. Replacing toe and heel bales is not a service we currently provide. So bring your boots in for a resole before the rubber wears down. And speaking of resoles…

#4 – Not all boots can be resoled or repaired. All boots are manufactured differently and sometimes we do not have access to the original style of soles (or parts) that came with your boot. Our cobbler will provide you with options whenever possible.

#5 – Stretching. Yes, we can stretch or punch out the sides of leather boots. However, we cannot increase the length of a boot. Hot spots under the rubber rand or near the end of a toe/heel usually do not respond well to stretching. Try changing the insole to free up some space in your boot.

#6 – Wading boots. Yes, we can replace the felt soles on fishing boots. We use authentic Simms rubber by Vibram.

kumpfy shoes hiking shoes boots repair shop

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