Tenaya Mastia


Designed to achieve the highest levels of performance, the Oasi is exceptionally comfortable yet offers incredible precision and responsiveness making rock climbing feel easier and more intuitive. 



The Oasi is a super comfortable, high performance shoe. Asymmetrical and down turned. So popular Tenaya created a low volume version as well!

Material: Microfibre
Rubber: Vibram XS Grip 3.5 mm
Tongue: Lycra with two perforated layers
Lining: TXT treated cotton
Weight: 340g
Sizes: 1-13 UK (mid sizes included)

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1 UK/33 Euro, 1.5 UK/ 33.6 Euro, 10 UK/44.5 Euro, 10.5 UK/45.2 Euro, 11 UK/46 Euro, 11.5 UK/, 12 UK/, 12.5 UK/, 13 UK/, 2 UK/34.3 Euro, 2.5 UK/34.9 Euro, 3 UK/35.6 Euro, 3.5 UK/36.2 Euro, 4 UK/36.8 Euro, 4.5 UK/37.5 Euro, 5 UK/38.1Euro, 5.5 UK/38.8 Euro, 6 UK/39.5 Euro, 6.5 UK/40 Euro, 7 UK/40.7 Euro, 7.5 UK/41.3 Euro, 8 UK/42 Euro, 8.5 UK/42.6 Euro, 9 UK/43.2 Euro, 9.5 UK/43.9 Euro