Kumpfy Shoes offers full cobbler services and specializes in resoling climbing shoes and hiking boots. We also have a tailor on staff so we can hem pants, repair jackets and zippers, knapsacks and buckles, cross country ski boots, BBQ covers, purses, duvet covers, gloves, etc. Scroll down to learn more about what we can do for you.

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Mail-In Service

We gladly accept repair items that are mailed to the shop or dropped off by friends/family. We will call you when the package arrives to verify details, give time/cost estimates and answer any questions.

Please use this form when sending items to us: Kumpfy Shoes Mail-in Repair Form.

If you are unsure whether the repair if possible, give us a call at 403-609-2292. Feel free to email your photos to our cobblers at:

Pick-Up / Drop-Off Services

Kumpfy Shoes offers a courtesy pick-up/drop-off service for repair items. They can be dropped off at the Norseman Outdoor Specialist in Calgary during their business hours and will be taken to Kumpfy Shoes for repair in Canmore. You will be called when your items arrive at our shop.

Remember to include this Pick-up/Drop-off Form with items dropped off at the Norseman.

Climbing Shoes

Climbing Shoes

Kumpfy Shoes specializes in resoling climbing shoes! Often folks ask us when the best time to bring in their shoes for resoling is. Here is a little educational video to help answer that age-old question.

Kumpfy Shoes

Hiking Boots

There are various repairs that can be done to hiking and mountaineering boots. Here is a partial list of common repairs we see in our shop: eyelets, seam stitching, heel liners, full and partial resoles, rand repairs, and stretching.

Kumpfy Shoes


Did you know that Birkenstocks can be resoled? We can replace the entire sole or just the heel/toe. We can also recork Birkenstocks if the uppers are in good shape. Unfortunately, we cannot currently recork thong styles. Birkenstocks can last a long time if you take care of them. Remember they don’t like water!

Kumpfy Shoes

Dress Shoes

Kumpfy Shoes offers full cobbler services. That means we fix all types of ladies and men’s dress shoes.

Kumpfy Shoes

Bags, Wallets & Belts

Knapsacks, gaiters, gloves, Velcro straps, zippers…bring them in and we’ll give you a quote. Sewing repairs on luggage are doable, but we definitely have to see the item before taking the job as we are limited by the size of our machines. We currently do not do repairs on luggage wheels.

Kumpfy Shoes

Ski Boots

Yes, we do cross country ski boot zippers! We also fix downhill boot liners and power straps. Currently we don’t punch out ski boots.

Kumpfy Shoes

Red Wing Boots

You might be wondering why you can’t add Red Wing work boots to your shopping cart. Well, we aren’t allowed to sell Red Wing work boots online. However, we can advertise what we have in stock and can certainly order in whatever you might need.
We are an authorized Red Wing dealer and we place weekly orders. Delivery time is typically 2 weeks. Come visit us in person and find out why Red Wings rock!

Repair Price List

Have something needing to be fixed that isn’t shown above? Contact us and
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